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Packing & loading your caravan

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Packing and loading your caravan

The best way to load a caravan has been (and still is!) a very contentious issue. The are are so many conflicting stories - lack of regulation or rules to abide by - contrasting opinions, and as you can imagine… variables that come into play! 

Irrelevant of, here at Sportscruiser Caravans we would like to set the story straight and give you the best rule of thumb in finding the safest weight balance in caravan design - manufacture and how to pack.  

Can I just say before we get into the below. Getting the right weight balance in a caravan really comes back to experience. Here at Sportscruiser caravans - we are a family owed and operated business that manufacturers niche and very bespoke Caravans. But most importantly, we are avid caravan users ourselves & this shows in the safe - clever and innovative design. It makes such a difference!  


Axle Positioning:

The best place to position an axle is based on the 30/70 rule. This means that based on the total length of your caravan (ie: from the tow hitch at the front and all the way right to the back of your caravan) - your axle should be located approximately 30% from the back of the caravan and therefore approximately 70% from the front  tow hitch point. An added advantage of the 30/70 rule is that the caravan is easier to reverse.


Pack centrally:

When manufacturing a caravan - as much of the heavy items built into the caravan should be astride or as close as possible to the axle. In the case of Sportscruiser Caravans, items like Refrigerators - hot water systems - batteries (electronic power systems) and water tanks, are located on or around the axle positioning of the caravan.

Load down low:

Keeping the heavy items down low in the caravan is an absolute must!. Keeping a low centre of gravity and securing the items to the foundation of the caravan (the strongest part), makes pure sense. Nothing more needs to be said here!


The perfect balancing act:

One of the misconceptions with towing is…. “If you have too much weight at the front of your caravan, you should balance this by adding weight to the back of your caravan (This could not be further from the truth and is a very unsafe action to make!). Based on your heavy items being located on or around your axle - all of your items should get lighter in weight as they are stacked or stored the further away from the axle they are. Do not put have items on the back of your caravan and or stored up high in cupboards!


Tow Ball weight:

Most caravans have a storage trunk on the front drawbar. Obviously, this becomes a target area to load up with weight and as you can imagine… this is where common sense comes in to play. In essence, the tow ball weight (ie: if a set of scales was positioned under the tow hitch) - should be no more than 10% of the over all caravan weight. Here at Sportscruiser Caravans, we believe it should be between 7% to 10%. 








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