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Getting the best out of your caravan refrigerator. When it comes to caravan refrigeration, we all want to have our cake & eat it as well! ie: We want it cold - to be as big as possible - to pull our food down colder quicker, and use as little amount of energy / power as possible. It’s not too much to ask is it? So with that in mind, we have decided to give you some really simple, yet effective handy hints on how you can get the best out of your Sportscruiser Caravan refrigerator.
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The best way to load a caravan has been (and still is!) a very contentious issue. The are are so many conflicting stories - lack of regulation or rules to abide by - contrasting opinions, and as you can imagine… variables that come into play! Irrelevant of, here at Sportscruiser Caravans we would like to set the story straight and give you the best rule of thumb in finding the safest weight balance in caravan design - manufacture and how to pack.
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The front of your caravan is prone to some terrible damage from rocks being thrown at it via the tow vehicle and also on coming traffic. At the end of the day - your caravan is your home and it’s an asset we would like to protect where possible. This is where here at Sportscruiser Caravans, we decided to look for something innovative that delivered a genuine and practical solution to a problem. We’ve all heard of the company called 3M and they have developed a highly innovative product for...
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