Made for Australian conditions
Setting the benchmark high

5 Step Design Criteria

If you’ve read the story benhind Sportscruiser Caravans… (read more - Sportscruiser Story), you will understand why there has been so much focus on delivering the unique and so very specialised quality product that they create. They may be just a small scaled (niche!) business - but they do put everything they have into building an amazing quality product… and without compromise!



Making life enjoyable

Lifestyle Comforts

Having comfort in a caravan is all about making life more enjoyable. It’s the ideal relaxation, convenience, and having the ability to enjoy the comforts of home, especially when we are far away from it. Sportscruiser Caravans may be lightweight and compact… but they pack a lot of lifestyle comforts in!



A solid foundation built from the ground up

Strength Below

When it comes to designing the foundation of Sportscruiser Caravans, there was going to be absolutely no compromise when it came to the strength below. We sourced the best quality - strongest and most proven / tested ‘Australian Made’ suspension we could find! The Australian environment is unforgiving and our roads are amongst the roughest in the world. The Sportscruiser suspension, chassis and undercarriage flooring system had to handle it and as you will see below….. ‘it does!’



Spend more time relaxing

Easy to use

It’s not a single one item that makes Sportscruiser Caravans easy to use but it’s a number of little things that all add up to give you a total seamless, convenient and ‘easy to use’ experience (as you will see below). So much of our easy to use inventions, ideas and products have come from feedback direct from you… our customers. Caravans designed by people who use them!



Quality that improves your experience

Lasting Innovation

Welcome to the new world of innovative caravan construction. Sportscruiser caravans are made with a composite panel of sandwich foam and fibreglass construction for walls, roof and floor.  Why? It is first and foremost impeccably strong and super lightweight. Not only that, it’s waterproof, it doesn’t rot, is easy to repair (fibreglass and panel shops), insulates (acoustically and thermally), is flame retardant, and is reinforced with metal inserts where required, for superior build quality. Years ahead of the old world cladded and framed caravans of yesteryear… Pair this with our  fully engineered, purpose built, Australian made steel chassis and you can tackle Australia's vast and varied terrain with confidence. 


Sportscruiser Caravans is leading the way with the latest in caravan build technology! 




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Sportscruiser Caravans built for Australian conditions