‘A solid foundation built from the ground up’
When it comes to designing the foundation of Sportscruiser Caravans, there was going to be absolutely no compromise when it came to the strength below.
We sourced the best quality - strongest and most proven / tested ‘Australian Made’ suspension we could find!
The Australian environment is unforgiving and our roads are amongst the roughest in the world.
The Sportscruiser suspension, chassis and undercarriage flooring system had to handle it and as you will see below….. ‘it does!’


Tough Suspension

When it came time to select the right suspension for Sportscruiser Caravans, there was absolutely no question on who would make it… it was ‘Cruisemaster’ all the way. This was for three main reasons:

  1. All Cruisemaster suspensions used on Sportscruiser Caravans are Australian Made.  Manufactured just down the road in Brisbane, they come with a warranty and back up service agents Australia Wide.
  2. Cruisemaster suspension are the best you can get… period! They are niche specialists in their field (Family owned and operated, by people who care!) - they rigidly test and certify all of their products and are of the highest quality engineered products Australia has to offer!
  3. We wanted our suspension done right and because of that, Sportscruiser went the extra mile to ensure its ‘strength below’ by having our Cruisemaster Suspensions fitted by Cruisemaster themselves. Now that’s reassurance not many can claim!

To find out about Cruisemaster (click here)


Rarely found in caravans today, all Sportscruiser Caravans have a double stacked Chassis. Running from the front of the caravan and back well past the suspension there are two 100mm x 50mm chassis rails stacked (and welded together) one on top of the other.

This is for 3 very precise reasons:

  1. Increased strength - it can’t bend, buckle or flex. Nothing more needed to be said!
  2. It eliminates twist through the caravan. Reduced twisting eliminates common caravan issues like cracking and glue segregation – causes of wear and tear. This strength results leads to a better return on investment, ie: a longer lasting product!
  3. If you’re worried about the extra weight a double stacked and welded chassis might add - ‘then don’t!’ Sportscruiser Caravans compensated for this (and balance it) by reducing the overall weight in many other areas via innovation (super lightweight and strong sandwich foam fibreglass wall construction). Total unladen caravan weight (Tare) of the “1600 Tourer” averages  1650kg with suspension rated 2300kg or 2600kg. The “1800 Tourer” averages a Tare of 1850kg with suspension rated to 2600kg. The “1800 Cross Country” -even with all the extra equipment still has a Tare of only 2100 -2200kg with ATX Airbag suspension rated to 2800kg. That means all models have a carrying capacity of 600kg or more!!  You have plenty of extra opportunity to carry the extra’s you might need! (this is very rare to find in a caravan in Australia today)

Undercarriage flooring

It’s the disgustingly rough, tough and unforgiving roads of Outback Australia that absolutely destroy and do so much damage to the underfloors of so many caravans. That’s why Sportscruiser Caravans went over and above to protect theirs. Coated in a full fibreglass shield - the Sportscruiser Caravan underside floors are strong, dust proof, water proof, stone proof and rot proof. It may not be seen, but knowing it’s there definitely gives you peace of mind when towing in the outback.

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Sportscruiser Caravans built for Australian conditions