The 1600 Cross Country Caravan was designed with the utmost efficiency, safety, convenience and comfort in mind.  At only 16 ft in length, it is perfectly suited to those who genuinely value the benefits of being light weight, compact and easy to manoeuvre…. yet love the luxuries and comforts for up to two people, rarely found in a caravan this size. The minute the 1600 Cross Country Caravan leaves the factory floor, it has everything you need to hop in and travel Australia in comfort.


A good night sleep when travelling in your Sports Cruiser Caravan is paramount. It ensures you wake up feeling great the next day & full of energy, ready to take on the days adventure! Quite remarkably, this compact 16ft caravan has 2 options for bedding, be it two individual singles or a quick adjustment that converts to a queen size bed area. With practicality in mind there is not an ounce of room wasted, underneath all bedding is 100% storage. 




You can always tell when the internal layout of a caravan is designed by people who use them - they understand the importance of ample cupboard storage space. Having all of your worldly travelling possessions organised in their own department and designed in a simplistic and functional way to be easily accessible when required, can be a tall ask in a caravan this compact - but Sportscruiser Caravans have been able to achieve that no worries at all!




When it comes to caravanning, there is nothing better than the peace of mind we receive knowing we get to enjoy the privacy of our own personal flushing toilet and instant hot water shower. We don’t need to tell you that there is possibly no better feeling that having the ability to climb into bed feeling clean and fresh after a dusty days adventure in the Aussie Outback! An all-in-one seamless toilet and shower cubicle is easy to clean, is designed leakproof (guaranteed!) and ensures that all of the luxuries of home are still available in this compact footprint.




If home caravan storage space is an issue - being a 16ft caravan means it’s easier to move and fit into tighter spaces. And for those of us who are mortified at the cost of fuel now days… a more compact - lighter weight and therefore more efficient  Sportscruiser Caravan - guarantees your wallet will love you for it! But of most importance, we all understand the dangers that can come with the larger heavier oversized caravans on the road. This neat packaged unit is user friendly and will most definitely give make life easier for you.




We would rather spend our time doing what we love when touring…. rest and relaxation! A quick set up and pack up is what will determine that time and time again. The Sportscruiser caravans have been innovatively designed with as much Automation (ie: touch of a button) and quick adjusting set up in every way possible. Once again - Sportscruiser Caravans is a personal, niche family business and that value is transferred to you… ‘the customer and end user.’ Designed by caravanners…. for caravanners!




We’ve all heard the saying ‘You cannot build a great building on a weak foundation.” Here at Sposrtscruiser Caravans, we couldn’t agree with that more! That’s why all of our suspensions are of the highest quality available and built right here in Australia by Cruisemaster. Built to highest Australian standards…. the strength, testing, methodical build quality and innovation Cruisemaster have put into their products, ensures you are in the most capable hands possible. Peace of mind when it comes to your safety & security is all part of our wonderful Sportscruiser caravan.




Now this is where Sportscruiser Caravans really start to deliver practical value and come into  their own. All Sportscruiser caravans have incredible excess load carrying capacity - in fact on average…. you are allocated in excess of 500+kgs extra storage carrying capacity. This is achieved through a combination of superior weight rated Cruisemaster suspension and the use of the innovative lightweight composite wall panelling.




We would like to make sure that we give you the best possible service & all the time in the world to view a Sports Cruiser Caravan in detail. So that we can meet all of your service expectations, we will need to ensure that a Sales manager will be present onsite (as we are a dedicated factory), to do this we operate with appointments only.




Please feel free to contact Sportscruiser Head quarters.


     1300 88 28 21


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