The 1800 CROSS COUNTRY is by far our most popular Sportscruiser Caravan. In precise measurements… it is actually 800mm longer than the 1600 Cross Country. Which doesn’t sound like much, however that small increase in extra space delivers exceptional added comforts, allows improved internal living design and provides an overall enhanced experience we want to enjoy. To dangle a carrot… that includes a separate toilet & shower ensuite - increased cupboard space and the luxury of an island bed (ie: no more climbing over each other to get up in the middle of the night!)


Second to shelter, bedding (ie: a good night sleep) would have to be the most important contributing aspect to enjoying a great caravanning experience. But it’s not just a high quality mattress that makes for a good night’s sleep in a caravan - it’s in the design of layout that really makes a difference. Whether it’s an island bed that allows each partner to freely get out of their own side of bed uninterrupted, or the valuable extra internal living space created with two single beds the 1800 CROSS COUNTRY gives you the option to design your bedding layout to suit your individual customised needs - wants and or requirements. It’s your choice!




If you’re the organised type, then you’ll know that one of the huge advantages of owning a caravan would have to be the fact it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. You grab some food, clothes, a good book… and you’re off! That’s why having a Sportscruiser Caravan with an abundance of smart storage cupboard space makes sense. There is enough room to have all of the caravan living lifestyle requirements packed away at an arm’s length. Be it extra towels - linen - bathers - can of baked beans - headache tablets and maybe even some spare tackle for a spot of fishing. You never know what you might have forgotten to pack, and or night run out of a long way from a shop. With loads of internal cupboard space - 100% storage room under the beds and external hatches for outside living…. your stress free recreational experience just became more stress free!




Sportscruiser Caravans takes pride in the fact we love good feedback from our customers on how to improve our quality in design. That’s why the 1800 CROSS COUNTRY has the toilet and shower separate! Believe it or not, it isn’t just because of the extra room we crave in the ensuite shower cubicle (Sportscruiser Caravans has one of the largest shower cubicles available) that the decision was made to separate the toilet and shower. It was a clever comment from a previous client that pricked our ears - she didn’t want the issue of wet socks after using a toilet - that so commonly comes with the territory of traditional combined toilet & shower combo’s. Combine that with a one-piece fiberglass shower cubicle (one piece = no joins = no leaks) that is trouble free to clean, and life can’t get much easier.




Ease-a-bility is the word thrown around by our customers (be it a made up word at that!). Having a caravan at a length of 18ft - with such a low over all weight, and - being so easy to manoeuvre around…. is a recipe we’ve formulated that simply seems to suit so many of us perfectly (& rarely able to be achieved in caravan manufacture today)! Combine that with the Use-a-bility (that’s also a word!) & convenience at having what you need - when you need it and at arms reach. Every single nook & cranny on the Sportscruiser Caravan has been efficiently designed for a particular purpose and process. Once again, Sportscruiser Caravans is a niche, family owned Queensland business - that understands exactly what is required in a caravan, to deliver the best experience possible. The reason we know this…. is because we are caravan enthusiasts ourselves. It’s Ease-a-bility all the way!




When it comes to caravanning / touring, we’re not all lazy - we simply value our quality Rest & Relaxation time (am I right?)! So when it comes to arriving at camp ready to set up - & or - packing up to head home, we want it as easy, simple and quick as possible….. period! We are constantly Improving (Constant Improvement is a core Value of Sportscruiser caravans) the design of our caravans, with the overall desired outcome of making life easier for you…. the end user! So how do we ensure this happens? That’s really quite easy… we ask our customers for their feedback and we do everything we can to implement your feed back into our design. As Sportscruiser Caravans is a small family owned business… we understand innately that you (our customers) are our best Word Of Mouth advertisers out on the road. We also know that combining your feedback with our simplicity in design delivers a more seamless experience and this always equates to more rest & relaxation for us all!




We’ve all heard the saying ‘You cannot build a great building on a weak foundation.” Here at Sposrtscruiser Caravans, we couldn’t agree with that more! That’s why all of our suspensions are of the highest quality available and built right here in Australia by Cruisemaster. Built to highest Australian standards…. the strength, testing, build quality and innovation Cruisemaster have put into their products, ensures you are in the most capable hands possible. When we moved all of our manufacturing to QLD in 2020, we knew that there couldn’t be a better choice for our chassis production as well. The Australian environment is unforgiving, and our roads are amongst the roughest in the world. The Sportscruiser suspension, chassis and undercarriage flooring system will not only handle it, but do so with ease, safety, and comfort, giving you peace of mind.



Now this is where Sportscruiser Caravans really start to deliver impeccable value and come into it’s own. All Sportscruiser caravans have incredible excess load carrying capacity - in fact on average…. you are allocated in excess of 500+kgs extra storage carrying capacity. This is a combination of superior weight rated Cruisemaster suspension and the use of the innovative lightweight composite wall paneling.




We would like to make sure that we give you the best possible service & all the time in the world to view a Sports Cruiser Caravan in detail. So that we can meet all of your service expectations, we will need to ensure that a Sales manager will be present onsite (as we are a dedicated factory), to do this we operate with appointments only.




Please feel free to contact Sportscruiser Head quarters.


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